Brands today are kind of bullshit.

Arbitrary names created by marketing executives in a conference room think tank that have no real connection to the people designing, building or manufacturing the final product sent to the masses. That’s also part of the problem – its sent to the masses. Nothing feels special anymore…this is the primary reason this jean is un-branded.

Our jean is not for someone that needs for everyone to know who’s jean they are wearing. Trying to get back to the essence of an original blue jean. Meant to be durable and sturdy. Not a status symbol. Not a vehicle to promote a brand. Not for people who want others to know how much your jeans cost.

This jean is only marked with the critical information.

Where it was made. What it was made with and Who made it – there’s no secret recipe here. There’s no secret recipe with the other guys either – they just do a good job of getting us to think there is through marketing and branding.

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