Next visit – cool photos of our selvage on the table being cut – promise!

Sewing is completed at TCB.
Only vintage machinery is used – Hajime san believes this provides an un-matched quality.

Hardware is applied – ready for wear.

Some of these steps can be very simple and others complex. Experience has shown that in other parts of the world, this becomes an opportunity to blame the other guy. It is a fabric problem or a sewing problem or a washing problem – passing the buck.

In Japan, these steps provide the assurance that each component has been closely reviewed by an experienced peer. There is so much importance placed on being respected by each peer, there is extra care taken every step along the way. As raw materials are handed to the cutting room, as the cutting room hands over small pieces to the sewing room, as the sewing room passes to the finishing house, the quality of the workmanship is inspected every time the jean is touched.

Those protected nuances that create such a unique product, a product of such high quality are the main reasons this jean is made in Japan.

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